Breaking Bad: Ludacris Fathers Love Child

Fellas, how hard is it to keep it in your pants? Or, if you’re going to “do the deed” as the old folks would say, can you at least use a working condom?

Just a few days after Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade claimed an infant son he fathered while “on a break” from his new fiancee Gabrielle Union, it turns out that Ludacris has a similar situation on his hands.

We can’t help but wonder and dread: Who’s got next?

It seems as though the Atlanta rapper fathered a child while he was on a break from his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie. TMZ reports that Cai Bella Bridges was born on Dec. 9 to Tamika Fuller.

But does that make it right? Of course, what celebs do behind closed doors isn’t really our business. And I get the whole point of a break is that you’re not together. But, unless you’re purposely trying to have a child, why not use some super protection? In these cases, they’re lucky all they ended up with was a baby and not an STD. And yes, that goes for both the men involved and the women.

Ludacris, whose real name is Christopher Bridges, hasn’t exactly denied the paternity, but he does appear to be making it clear that he won’t be able to pay that much in child support, according to TMZ.  (Guess we’ll be hearing less lyrical boasting in the future then?)

Moral of the story: Wrap it up. Unless you want to end up like D. Wade and Ludacris…and we don’t mean that in a good way!

Ladies, are you scared this “on a break” excuse is going to catch on?  Or is this just celebrities doing what other fellas have been doing for years?