Black National Anthem Sung at Basketball Game

national anthem

While the country debates whether or not athletes and citizens like Colin Kaepernick should automatically stand during the national anthem, over in Atlanta, folks rose to their feet for another beloved song.

During Ludacris’ annual celebrity basketball game at Morehouse University, June’s Diary–a group backed by Kelly Rowland–sang the Black National Anthem Lift Every Voice.”

During the performance, the crowd stood and paid respect to the song, which has inspired generations of Black Americans throughout our country’s most difficult times.

The performance has gone viral on social media as many discuss whether or not our current anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” should be changed because of its problematic roots. Many, like singer John Legend, have called for the anthem to be switched to “America, the Beautiful,” while others have argued we need a new song all together.

Although the debate will no doubt continue to rage on, down in Atlanta, however, “Life Every Voice” got the crowd out of their seats.