Love and… A Restraining Order?

If the news of former Saved By The Bell co-star Lark Voorhies’ marriage to 31-year-old Jimmy Green caught you by surprise, brace yourself for what’s next.

After a quick Vegas wedding in April, Voorhies’ mother learned of her new son-in-law’s sketchy past — one that includes an arrest warrant in Tucson, Arizona for disorderly conduct and threatening in 2012 — which led her to file and being granted a temporary restraining order.

While Lark’s rep continues to investigate the allegations, the NY Post reports that the mother and daughter have been spending more time together.

Green admits to having a misdemeanor offense and feels the mother-daughter duo is blowing the situation “out of proportion,” while expressing that he is a rehabilitated man.


The union was solidified during a private ceremony unattended by Lark’s mother, who plans to make her restraining order a permanent one.

However, amid the legal drama, Mama Voorhies would like the marriage to work out and tells People, she hopes “he proves to be everything that [Lark] hopes him to be.”

Well…what a rocky start to a new life.