Loretta Devine Talks ‘For The Love Of Ruth’

Loretta Devine has an infectious appeal. Her southern charm breathes through every character she takes on, whether she’s the nurturing mother figure or the character that gets her point across with a verbal sass. Her demeanor is simply, alluring.

Speaking with her, it’s evident that the arts and ability to perform are her air.

“I just try to keep working. It’s important for your craft and for your energy,” she tells JET. “I’ve been so blessed and that’s why it’s so wonderful to be an actress because you get the chance to do a lot of things. Once you establish your career and get to experience different things, it’s a wonderful chance for people to see that they can do it too.”

The self-proclaimed “character actress” has an extensive resumé spanning more than 35 years. From theatre to film, television and voice over work, Devine builds her characters from women she’s lived with and “loved all my life.”

On March 9, just in time for Mother’s Day, the award-winning actress will become the “righteous” Naomi Marachond in TV One’s original film, For The Love of Ruth. The Swirl Films production, a company with which Devine has a growing working history, is inspired by the biblical story of “Ruth,” and aims to unfold the core values of family, love, commitment and loyalty.

“[Naomi Marachond] loves Jesus and she’s also a charitable person,” Devine said. “She doesn’t have a lot, but she gives a lot of the little that she has to others. I have two sons in the [film] and at some point, Ruth loses her husband and she follows [my character] and says ‘Your God will become my God’ and so they become best friends and help each other for the remainder of their lives. That’s basically what the story is about, the Love of God.”

The ensemble cast also stars Denise Boutté as Ruth Sommerling (Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns); Gary Dourdan as Braxton Marachond (CSI, Being Mary Jane); and reunites Loretta with her Grey’s Anatomy husband, James Pickens Jr., who plays her brother-in-law with ill-suspicions of the bond blooming between Ruth and Naomi.

A laughing Loretta exclaimed,”We’re playing enemies in this. [His character] is just the meanest man. It’s a mess. It’s going to be something seeing James Pickens playing evil. It will be interesting to see how people respond to that.”

Excited about how people will receive the film, Loretta stressed that the work focuses on inspiring people and making a difference in their lives.

“I think they’re going to make a lot of difference in helping people to keep their faith in God and also to establish a faith that they haven’t had in a long time.”

For The Love of Ruth premiere’s on TV One, Saturday, May 9th at 8pm/ET.

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