Looking For A New Web-Series? The Hilarious ‘#AfriMericans’ Should Be Next On Your List

What if there was a millennial version of Girlfriends where all of the ladies were first-generation Americans with African parents?

If that sounds like a dope idea to you, then you’d probably live for Maureen Martin and Berka Ngong’s new web-series #AfriMericans. The scripted digital series is a bitter-sweet comedy that follows the lives of the children of African immigrants living in New York City. These young women are pursuing their own American Dreams with an African twist. Things don’t always go smoothly because, as we all know getting this whole career and relationship thing down can cause more than a little bit of drama and heartache.

Though the series hasn’t even officially dropped yet, we do know that it will include a few surprise Nollywood and Hollywood guest stars.

Recently, Martin and Ngong spoke with Hello Beautiful about what inspired them to create the series. Ngong said, “For me, it was a need to be a part of the new emerging narrative about a contemporary Africa… We rarely see stories of how Black people of different cultures/nationalities interact, so from a cultural point of view there’s that drive to be the one telling our own stories.” Martin went on to add, “In an age of #HollywoodSoWhite, it’s important for women, especially women of color, to see their stories reflected in media. And we believe #AfriMericans will help fill that void.”

#AfriMericans proves that there is always more than enough room to write and tell the stories that are important to us.

There is no exact release date yet for #AfriMericans because it’s still in post-production, but you can check out the trailer for the series below.