Look! Black Twitter Just Immortalized Beyoncé’s Bodyguard

If you’re a true member of Beyoncé’s Beyhive, then you know her bodyguard Julis de Boer, the man who protects our Queen.

For nearly a decade, de Boer has been a stoic and glowering presence in Beyoncé’s life, protecting her from eager fans, small children and even her sister Solange’s swinging hands. With laser-like focus, de Boer never lets Beyoncé out of his sight. If you’ve been to one of her concerts, you know that he even walks alongside the stage making sure she’s within his reach in case something goes down. Rumor has it when Beyoncé married mogul Jay-Z, the Brooklyn native hired de Boer to be his superstar wife’s personal bodyguard.

Though we give Ms. Tina, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy their much deserve praise for holding our Lemonade Queen down, Julis de Boer has not been given the acclaim he desperately deserves. As we all await the birth of Bey and Jay’s new twin additions with baited breath, Twitter user @babyheirandafro decided to show de Boer some love.

In an ode to the man guarding the woman, @babyheirandafro (whose real name is Mariah) heaped on the praise because let’s face it; he’s heroic AF.

She recalled the time he curved a young girl.

And the time Julius made sure not even a hair on Beyoncé’s head was ruffled during that infamous elevator incident.

She brilliantly photoshopped Bey and de Boer’s faces on a poster of Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner from The Bodyguard.

The time he prevented her from tumbling down a grassy hill in a luxurious wedding gown.

When he tried to hem up a fan in her OWN car!

Oh, Julius how we owe you so much for protecting the Queen’s life.