Locked Up: Apollo Nida Sentenced

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Apollo Nida might regret the day he taunted cast-mate Kenya Moore to “put something on” his commissary.

She’ll have nearly a decade to oblige, as the reality hubby will be heading to prison with an eight-year sentence for fraud and identity theft before serving five years of supervised release or parole, according to TMZ. In addition to time served, Nida has also been ordered to pay restitution. He is expected to turn himself into custody in four-to-six weeks.

It has been a long-awaited sentencing for Nida, who is no stranger to the legal system after serving an earlier stint for embezzlement prior to joining his wife Phaedra Parks on the Bravo TV reality franchise. His laundry list of dirt began unfolding in January and includes creating fake bank accounts, among other unsavory acts.

The controversy and drama surrounding his legal issues and state of his marriage to “Southern Belle” Phaedra Parks was highlighted during the RHOA reunion show, where Nida refused to go in-depth regarding the situation and Phaedra denied that she knew about her husband’s criminal activity.

According to TMZ, Apollo was actually facing 30 years but got it reduced for cooperating with federal investigators.

This plot just may thicken…Our advice is to let it play out beyond the reach of the cameras.