Tiny & T.I. Release New Music

“All I want to do is stay down for you…” – Tiny

There has been a bit of speculation — and subtle shots fired — across social media platforms between T.I. and his wife, Tiny.

The family hustle never stopped despite personal conflicts, so the two turned to their vocal talents to address their issues — in a subtle manner, of course.

Tuesday night, without much of the world knowing she was working on new music, Tameka “Tiny” Harris released the R&B silkiness “What The F— You Gon’ Do” or #WTFYGD. The single marks the former Xscape member’s first solo effort in nearly 10 years.

Released on her independent label, Pretty Hustle, WTFYGD fuses a semi-crunk hook with a R&B vibe to create the fed-up track. The song comes with a video that shows a T.I. look-alike in a bed scene that resembles the opening of the couple’s VH1 show, The Family Hustle, and sings ‘I was on that sh— like, I’m gon’ be his ride-or-die‘. 

Another shot shows Tiny talking to her love interest through a phone on the other side of a jail window – a clear portrayal of the situation she dealt with while T.I. was incarcerated.   She threatens: “I’ll show you what it feels like to be on the other side of the gun.”   In the interim, she wonders, “What the *bleep* you gon’ do without me?

The most interesting part comes right at the beginning of the song, where we hear a montage of conversation between Tiny and her girls.

And speaking of being on the “other side of the gun,” the possible target subject in Tiny’s video, T.I., also released a new track entitled “Stay” where he addresses infidelity, rapping ‘I ain’t trippin’ cause you caught me out there. But your reaction to it pushed me further out there.”

“Stay”  is clearly targeted at his Mrs. with a soft hit at her bestie, Shekinah.

Love, music and celebrity … what a dramatic dynamic.