LISTEN: Krystal Metcalfe’s ‘To Be Loved’

A strong vocalist with a theatrical background, artist Krystal Metcalfe is making her grand entrance onto the music scene and gearing up to release her first EP.

Embarking on this new journey after years of developing her artistic voice, show performance and gaining a local fan base throughout Chicago and her hometown of St. Louis, Metcalfe has finally released her anticipated first single, “To Be Loved.”

Compiled with horns and the feeling of live instrumentation, the subject matter expresses a relationship where one is not fully appreciated.

Though it could have easily gone the slow jam route, the track is energetic with an upbeat tempo that flips a somber topic into one that fuels empowerment in recognizing your worth and that in fact, your love and the magnificence of you is being under-appreciated.

Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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