Listen: Lyfe Releases Song for Baltimore

In light of recent protests and riots in the city of Baltimore, singer Lyfe Jennings pinned a song to raise awareness about the unrest.

The musician wrote “Baltimore” after a planned trip to the city got canceled due to ongoing riots in response to the murder of Freddie Gray by police.

Lyfe wrote the song soon after to show support of the city and those affected.

“Remember hurt people wanna hurt people/church people are sometimes the worst people/and cursed people are always the first people/you gotta know your worth people…,” Jennings sings.

Jennings is calling for all entertainers who have a voice to use it, according to a press release that ended with the hashtags #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #ProLyfe.

Click here to hear the song.

He’s right. Black lives do matter.