LISTEN: Anthony Lewis ‘Looks Like Me’

Singer-songwriter Anthony Lewis is using his gift of song to elevate a message of love and ending the violence with his latest single, “Looks Like Me.”

With visuals showcasing the recent riots and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri due to the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown in August, the 17-year old, Los Angeles native felt he should use his platform to bring further awareness to the impact these social and racial adversities have on youth.

“I just wanted to explain and let people know that there’s love on the way,” Lewis explains. “Let’s stop the violence. It’s killing us. [It’s] killing young men because I’ve been through situations like that before, I lost a friend like that. I had to let people know what’s going on.”

Anthony’s message is not intended to reach only African-Americans, either. The strength in his lyrics and visual presentation were created for the ears and eyes of everyone – especially young men, regardless of color.

He sings:

‘I’m really trying to figure this out/ can anyone tell me how/ we can make a change/We should start by washing out color…”

“There’s just a lot happening to us, young men,” he says. “When I see something that’s going on in this world that is affecting my mom and she’s turning on TV and seeing this stuff going on and it’s affecting my family, it’s going to affect me, too. I just have to say something about it and I can write a song like this because I’ve been there in my life. I can relate.”

Check out the video below and keep up with Anthony Lewis on Twitter: @ALewisMusic.