Coming Soon: LisaRaye McCoy’s ‘Skinned’


LisaRaye McCoy’s directorial debut is on its way!

Skinned is a taboo film that deals with the bleached skin trend. The story centers on “Jolie,” a woman who feels that her dark skin is the root of her troubles and hard times in life. She thinks that altering her complexion will serve her perception of beauty.

However, she finds that altering her truths doesn’t make them go away and soon becomes haunted by her “quick-fix” beauty solution. Further into the story, Jolie is hit with another blow, one that could cost her life.

As her world spirals, Jolie is confronted by ideals of beauty and is forced to face everything she tried to run from.

“We set out to produce a film not only to address the global epidemic, but more importantly, the history among people of color regarding the way we think and the acceptance of our given gifts,” said McCoy.

LisaRaye McCoy stars in the film alongside Jasmine Burkes who plays “Jolie,” Brad James, Drew Sidora, Van Vicker, and Cyreli Ash.

Watch Skinned Saturday, Jan. 9, 8PM ET on TV One.