Lil Wayne Involved in alleged Assault

Lil Wayne allegedly charged at a man and spit on him during a charity basketball game Sunday night.

The result of the “A Milli” rapper’s actions was an all-out brawl, according to TMZ

The fight went down in St. Louis when Weezy’s Young Money team was taking on a team coached by event promoter Loose Cannon Slim. Allegedly, Coach Weezy thought the ref was blowing a bunch of calls.

A video shows Weezy charging after the ref. Witnesses claim Wayne had already spit on the ref at this point.

Check out the footage below.

No one was arrested.

We’re told that the event was for charity and to promote non-violence.

By the actions displayed in this video, along with the promoter’s name being “Loose Cannon,” perhaps the folks who are involved should rethink a few things.