Lil P-Nut Stars in New Christmas Film

If you’re wondering where that cute little boy who squared up against Kevin Hart in Ride Along will end up next, we’ve the got the answer!

Benjamin Flores Jr., better known as Lil P-Nut, is continuing his rise to stardom in the Nickelodeon TV film Santa Hunters.

On one of his breaks from filming the sitcom The Haunted Hathaways, he told us all about the “really big adventure” him and his cast-mates take in the new flick.

“It’s a lot of fun stuff happening in the movie,” he reveals. “You’re going to see a lot of cool things.”

Premiering this holiday season, the special follows Alex (Lil P-Nut) and a few of his family members as they formulate a plan to prove Santa Claus is real. Once they catch St. Nick himself on videotape, they quickly realize revealing their findings could ruin Christmas forever.

Though this is the 11-year-old’s first leading part in a movie, he’s been in the spotlight before. The young performer stepped on the scene four years ago as a rapper and has since transitioned into acting. From his hit Nickelodeon TV series to lending his voice in Happy Feet Two to his unforgettable appearance in Ride Along, the entertainer is showing no signs of slowing down…Well, maybe to complete his homework.

But Lil P-Nut knows how to balance it all. In fact, he thinks his impressive work ethic is what helped him and his junior colleagues land the job for Santa Hunters.

“They already casted us, so we already had the role. I guess because they see our work on The Haunted Hathaways,” he says. “They see how good we are, how motivated we are and how we have the drive to do it.”

There’s no doubt the youngster is uber talented, but he doesn’t have any trouble taking notes from a few veteran performers. The list of actors he admires includes Liam Neeson, Denzel Washington and Kevin Hart – a mentor he’s deemed as his “homie.”

“I look up to these guys,” he notes. Following in the footsteps of those masters has already paid off. He snagged a Kid’s Choice nomination (likely the first of many) earlier this year.

“That was great, because that’s a great experience to be nominated for best TV actor,” he says. “That was pretty cool. I was happy when I found out.”

Lil P-Nut certainly has a lot to celebrate, and that includes his upcoming 12th birthday in July. He’s been planning since his last party.

“I want to get all the dudes to dress up in tuxes and all of the girls in dresses. I’m going to order a limo service, and we’re going to ride down Hollywood Boulevard,” he explains excitedly. “We’re going to stop at a wing place, and go to my house. This is the crazy part. I want everyone to jump in the pool with all of their clothes on!”

Sounds fun, right? It’s nice to know the growing superstar still finds time to just be a kid. But in the meantime, he has some lines to deliver.

“They need me on set,” he says. But before he officially wraps up our conversation, he ends it with a polite exchange of salutations and thank you’s.

If you ask us, the gifted and courteous cutie is well on his way to even more greatness! Check him out on Nickelodeon’s The Haunted Hathaways Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. ET, and don’t forget to watch him in Santa Hunters this holiday season.

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