Lil’ Mo Previews ‘R&B Divas LA’ Season Finale

Welp. ‘Scuse my French, but “s@!t just got real.” Puerto Rico has had its ups and downs. Now we must show them what we working with. Rehearsal nor souncheck were what any of us expected. But the show must and will go on. Needless to say, all six of us are pros, so we are all striving for success.

It’s time for me to confront my issue with Chanté as well. I do not have any animosity in my heart toward her; however, a lot has changed since our “kumbaya” moment in the studio. My once friend has totally flipped the script on me and I want answers. In the rain forest and all. Will I get them? Probably not. But there is only so much I can deal with before I explode. Lord help me hold my mule. Too late.

The only way to come to an amicable place or reason is over a good drink and food. But with all the hidden agendas, sympathy seekers, and things going on, someone is bound to be over it. My heart ached to see my new “Golden Girl” Chrisette Michele walk out of the dinner. I was there so I personally saw and felt the attack she was under. She walked away. I wish I had her strength. I have to learn how to stop fighting for stuff, when I can simply walk away and keep my composure. Wow. I’ve learned a lot about each individual. Mainly about myself. Either way, the friends old and new that I have acquired mean more to me than anything. Here goes everything. Continue to pray my skrent. lol

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