Lil’ Mo Previews ‘R&B Divas LA’ Season 2 Premiere


Can you believe it’s been a whole year since I’ve last seen remaining divas Chante, Claudette and Michel’le? Since then, two have gone, and two have joined. I’m so anxious to see what this new move back to L.A. will mean for me and my family. A lot has changed since last summer as you will see during this season as MY NEW LIFE unfolds within the next 10 weeks.

In front of your eyes, baby.

You know it wouldn’t be right if I came back to L.A. and didn’t tip by Claudette’s house and see what she has been up to, as well as check up on her children. I know she always has something brewing and keeping busy. Being a single mom ain’t no joke. So since she’s on her grind, I’m trying to see how I can be in on what she got going on – JUST as long as she promises me there won’t be no last year MESS!! I’m anxious to see this secret she kept texting me about, as well as her reaction to the change that has come over ME.

I’m always down for a date. Meeting up with my girls at Zen is sure to be fun times. My hair and my whole lifestyle has changed. I can’t wait to see what the ladies think of my new ‘do. And I can’t wait to see what the girls have been up to. Since the divalogues, we all have been working so hard to maintain the platform that has been created. No sense in turning back now. Hello!

New things, New looks, New attitudes, New Divas.

I’m pumped to meet Leela James and Chrisette Michele. I’ve admired them from afar musically.  Now to be up close and personal with them, during an intimate listening session for Leela James’ album that is going to be released, this is a real cute way to break the “who’s who, glad to meet you” ice. My prayer is that they are all I can imagine as real they will be. We have mutual friends in the industry that speak highly of them. So since they come with high regards, I want to turn up with the two!

I’m not gonna do too much spilling. So far so good. I’m getting a real good feeling about the old and the new.

What could possibly go wrong. We are in sunny L.A. Everyone seems focused. I had mad fun at the nursery with Leela. At first I thought we was going to go to a baby nursery. HA!  But what I dig the MOst is that no one wants any drama. We just want to win and move on from the craziness we experienced. It is actually time to let it go and keep it pushing.

Make sure you tune into the R&B Divas LA premiere TONIGHT on TV One. I can’t wait to see what happens next. So until then, keep the kettle warm. You know some tea is bound to be spilled. Ain’t nothing this good to be true, always gonna stay this good, boo. Hello and Amen. LOL!

Love Always,

Lil’ Mo

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