Lil’ Mo Previews “R&B Divas LA” Premiere

The smoke has seemingly cleared from the Puerto Rico fiasco, but there is still a residue of distrust and hurt that still remains.

The shade isn’t thick but it is noticeable. Thankful for Miche’le having her photo expo to re-convene and pick up where we left off since we were last in LA. We all haven’t seen each other for months, but for some of us, the meeting up is like that of Celie and Nettie. It gives a “ma-kee-da-tah” feel. Leela is touring so her absence is evident. But glad to see we all can still get along.  This is a perfect time to invite all the ladies to my “The Scarlet Letter” album release party, since we all on one accord. Hello.

Today is my promo day for my album,  “The Scarlet Letter.” So I need to make my rounds to radio. Stopping by to see Big Boy is an honor, it is hard to get on his show. The fact that I’m invited is a plus. Radio always goes well for me, so now it’s time to wind down and head to my release party. Besides I think since Big Boy has met my better half, Karl Dargan, it’s time to formally introduce him to the divas.

R&B Live is packed. My album release party is on FLEEK. But since I’m still on eastern time, I’m sleepy. With that being said, I will greet the ladies then head to the stage. Even though it feels like I could’ve given a little more than my all, I am delighted that the performance is done and now I can see what my fellow divas thought and what is on Chanté’s mind because I know she wants to ask us something.

Chanté cordially invited us to Big Bear for a retreat. I’m kind of reluctant because of our history, but I went. Since it’s fully paid for, I might as well enjoy. Or at least try. When I don’t know what’s ahead of me, I’m real leery on what’s in store. Chanté mentioned: “Trust exercises.” I never go outside of my comfort zone, but I’m taking the chance today. After all, the leap of faith is important. I’m so glad that the ladies and I got to mend and spend this time together. Much needed.

Now it’s time to head back to LA. So much more to do. Much more building and repairing soon as Leela gets back.  Oh no honey, it doesn’t  just stop and end at Big Bear.  I hope that truly all the fears, feelings and faux shade that was being thrown prior to the Big Bear Retreat has really been buried.  We deserve closure. Peace. And to be REAL. We shall see what happens next. Until then, as always pray my skrent.

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