Lil Mo Previews ‘R&B Divas LA’ Episode 3

I’m catching up with Michel’le to see what’s going on with her mentally and socially. She’s been speaking with her therapist to manage her depression, but I am not convinced that all is well as she claims. Is she looking for love? Why does she always want to be alone? Who is satisfying that urge and scratching that itch? I’ll get to the bottom of it.

In the meantime, Michel’le and I are going shopping. I need to get her out of the house. My father-in-law is in town, and I want to set her up with him so we can double date. We are planning to meet at the go-kart racing track, so this should be fun! But when date night arrives, Michel’le is no where to be found? I’m hoping I don’t have to sit here all night and wait to see if she’s going stand us up.

Chrisette finally talks with her brother Lem in regards to being the first artist signed to her label.  They have a writing session and discuss their emotional well-being in order to move forward with business. They both must attack the issue of bipolar disorder, which Lem was diagnosed with at a young age. Chrisette suggests a life coach.

Chrisette and Lem schedule an appointment, but will this meeting go as planned? Will they learn to communicate?  How will they get through the scary situations? How will they work through the resistance? Will Chrisette cut him off again? They understand that there has to be a separation between their brother-sister relationship and business. I hope this works out for the best. The past must be done away with.

Leela has her BFF Theresa over to her house to discuss why she has been lounging around. Theresa is battling breast cancer, and it’s taken a toll on her. The cancer is aggressive, and she must start chemotherapy asap. The news is affecting Leela emotionally. Despite her grief, Leela wants to do a special event for Theresa’s birthday. She really is an amazing friend.

The party is at the Savoy. It’s celebration of life with the divas. There, we realize that we all have similar experiences and are closely affected by cancer in some sort of way. Emotions are high. Leela suggests we all sing “That’s What Friends Are For,” but Brave thinks we need rehearsal. Uh oh! Here comes the shade. Are we going to sing together or nah?

Brave visits me at home later to catch up on all of the gossip. I don’t want her to be thrown out to the wolves, so she has to be careful of every move she makes. She mustn’t “Chante” aka play herself. It’s okay to be friendly, but when it comes to business, be stern. Soon after, Brave invites Chante’ over to find out if she offended anyone in the original diva crew.

Once again. Pray my skrent.

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