Lil’ Mo Previews ‘R&B Divas LA’ Episode 2

Well, my girl Brave from Baltimore is now in LA. I’m going to bumrush her gym session and see what she has been up to now that she is in LA. What has she been up to since she is no longer in the group “Rich Girl,” and I want to introduce Brave to the Divas. If she wanna rock cool, if not, so be it. I constantly feel the need to remind Brave that LA is nothing like Baltimore.

Chrisette is starting her own label, Rich Hipster. Since she is no longer with a major, she is going on her own terms to do her own things in a major way. She has her fears, but at least she is doing this by faith and by her own free will. She is a BOSS. She is the first artist on her own label. Cool Beans. Super Chris is about to set the world on fire.

Now it’s time for me to introduce the ladies to Brave. I don’t know how she will be received. I told Brave, some of the ladies are not like ME. Ayeeee but I am so happy that Leela is back in the USA!! She always brings the truth. Oh!! During the introduction Chante apologizes to Leela. Well amen!! In the midst of all the I’m sorry and smiles, Chrisette invites US all to her Rich Hipster Launch Party!! This should be funners.

Brave meets with her manager Bishop, and he lets her know the truth. If she doesn’t secure distribution, then financially they can’t keep supporting her vision. She no longer has the Rich Girl group members to fall back on. How do you think this will end up? Will Brave secure a record deal or nah?

Has Chrisette bitten off more than she can chew as she may have told a “little white lie” to the distribution company that her album was finished. Girllllll…..

Hmmmm…so I wonder how Brave feels about the meeting with the other divas? This should be interesting. I hope she gives it to me, no holds barred. Don’t hold back. Does she want to be around us? In the midst of our discussion, I sneak and invite Brave to Chrisette’s party and we need to go find Angel Wings and go shopping.

Chrisette has her session and her choir directoral debut. Now she wants to have a discussion with her brother Lem on a prophesy they got at church a while ago. Lem, struggled with bi-polar disorder as told by Chrisette, but she feels that she wants her brother to be her first signed artist. The convo doesn’t go as she plans. Lem is saying some REAL things. As some would JUMP at the chance to get a record deal, Lem feels otherwise. Is this justifiable or is he being difficult?

Time to go shopping. Why did Brave take Leela and I to “Trashy Lingerie” to shop for angel wings and a nighty!!?!? Wait until you see how this trip ends up!!

Chrisette stops pass Brave’s rehearsal for her video and single “Road Trippin” and as Brave speaks, Chrisette lets her know that it’s not gonna be easy, but since it’s gonna be a fantastic journey and she got it all worked out, she will just sit and listen.

Leela and Chrisette come by my house to discuss their investment in a friendship in Brave. I want to make sure my girls are comfortable and not too pushy trying to be a friend. I’m not sure if Brave will be able to fit in with us. To be honest. I really hope she doesn’t get too hype and give a teez. I must warn her. Some kind of way. Soon!

Finally time for Chrisette’s Rich Hipster launch party, this is where we get to wear wings and have fun. Should be pretty interesting considering this is another time we will all be under one roof. Well, actually we are outside. So under one sky. Everyone has their own take on what wearing wings should be like. Chrisette sneaks off to discuss more about the label and being an artist with her brother Lem. Has he thought about it? Will he make a decision to sign or just be the brother? In the midst of waiting for answer, Chrisette and her singers perform LIVE. Love it!!

Seems all is going well. But for how long will the NICE last? Pray my skrent…Lil’ Mo

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