Lil’ Mo Previews ‘R&B Divas LA’

Welp, we made it to PUERTO RICO!! We are supposed to be unwinding, getting ready for Carnaval and rehearsing, enjoying cocktails, tanning, NO KIDS, etc. But with one diva absent, it is clearly causing that pink elephant to rear its head once again. Now that we are getting a clearer understanding with what is really going on in Chante’s personal life, we all know her delayed arrival is due to the custody issue regarding her son with Kenny Lattimore. I don’t want this to put a damper on my spirits, so I’mma sip this drank and just focus. However, when Chante finally joins us, the whole atmosphere changes. We all feel we don’t know which Chante’ will be joining us this trip. But the show still must go on. And scene!!

Time to meet Claudette’s family, whom she hasn’t seen in years, and this will be a great way to break the ice. By breaking bread. But again, since we don’t know what we are getting ourselves into, I just hope at least I’ll be on my best behavior when we go to meet and greet Claudette’s peeps. Good eats are always a way to bring the peace. Right??

OMG!! Now you know we don’t have much downtime. I need to learn the words to my part of the Puerto Rico song, and go over these dance steps. Since Chante’ missed the rehearsals in LA, she will have to catch up quick. But knowing how it’s been going down, with so little time, we may have to alter the whole routine. Can we even do that? Can we all just get along or nah? I feel my pressure rising. Pray my skrent. LOL

Love Always,

Lil’ Mo

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