Lil’ Mo Previews ‘R&B Divas LA’

We’re finally in the studio to hit this Puerto Rican tourism theme song. Ironically, Chanté is starting it off, singing backgrounds. If you remember from the “Ladies Anthem” she had Chrisette, Leela, and I singing backgrounds. My how the tables have turned. But in her defense, she does a helluva great job on her vocals. She mentioned that she has done backgrounds for Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston and more. So I know she will do great. Chrisette kicks off the song with a melodic flow, which makes all of us have no choice but to bring it. I know my part is going to be ratchet, but I still have to be on my A game. So far so good, I can’t wait to hear the final edit. But as of now it feels right. Warren Campbell is the truth.

Moving right along, heading to see Michel’le perform. I have a feeling this will be a total difference from the MLK event. All the divas, minus Michel’le are going to ride in a old school East Side High prom limo. But hey we’re all going to support our girl. After the long 2.5-hour ride, in an un-air conditioned, lean on me, prom, funeral, singing Negro spirituals limo, now it’s time to relax then get ready to see Michel’le’s performance. What could possibly go wrong? LOL

CHIIIIIIIILD, I’m here to support my girl and I don’t want say anything, but something must be said about this flyer that has all of our faces on it, but the only one contracted for this show is Michel’le. NO BUENO!!!! I don’t know whose bright idea it was to promote it this way. I don’t know who approved that bright idea either. But what I do know is that there are 5 women that are in their bag ready to go off on the promoter for false advertisement. This is not to go against Michel’le and no one wants to aggravate her or make her relive what she dealt with during the MLK event, but this is business, and somebody tried it. As calm as we are, the promoter is being very standoffish, sarcastic, and he has no idea what he may have gotten himself into. But please be clear that we are ONLY here to support Michel’le. With that being said, I’ll never stop soliciting for prayers for my strength, because not only am I dealing with personal and business, I still haven’t dealt with my emotional side. I feel something is about to break, we shall see…. AND WE HAVEN’T EVEN GOT TO PUERTO RICO YET!!!!

Love Always,

Lil’ Mo

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