Lil’ Mo Previews R&B Divas LA

With each passing week I learn something new about myself, and I just say whatever comes to mind. So glad that the golden girls, Michel’le, Chrisette, Leela and I get to share this quality time and NOT think about music.

We have a rare bonding moment where we discuss everything from dating to a taboo subject of “threesomes” and orgies. WOW. Who knew the Divas would be open to discuss such a topic. Maybe this opening up will be a great time for me to heal from what I’m going through and coming out of. DIVORCE. The more I choose to live, the more I feel comfortable with my decision to move on.  I’m also feeling the need to set my girl Michel’le up on a blind date. I surely will pose the question. Hope she obliges.

In all that is going on, we still have the Puerto Rico project to think about, but there are still more things to address and clear the air on. I am ready to get anything that stands in the way of progress out of the way. With that being said, who shall feel my shade???? We shall see. As always, pray my skrent.

Love Always,

Lil’ Mo

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