But… Lil’ Mama… Close But No Cigar

Lil’ Mama has risen again from the underskirts and direction of the iconic MC Lyte with the release of “Sausage.”

Now before we get into the visual, let’s take a minute to dissect what you’re about to experience.

One thing that can’t be debated is that Lil’ Mama has flow. She can spit. She has vision. It may come across a little wayward and misdirected, but the Brooklyn chick has major passion and heart. Taking that into account, you can applaud the fact that she keeps going and grinding out on the music end.

After getting past the title “Sausage,” Lil Mama delivers…well the verdict is still out on what the song is actually about.

We’re initially hit with a Big Sean “IDFWU” reference in the song’s opening. Then we’re led into the tempo of “Rock the Robin” while she raps about people hopping off of her “sausage” before tossing in a Wu-Tang reference.


Somewhere in the middle of the song, we get a MJB “7 Day” tease — outfit and all ya’ll. She went there only to bounce back to rhyme about flossing on “haters” while telling folks to “look at my body.”

Confusion, much?

No doubt, a true hip-hop lover, Lil’ Mama incorporates samples of Slick Rick’s “Mona Lisa” and Stetasonic’s “Sally” along with various vocal ranges that show off her rap and singing skills, but she may have tried to display too many antics at once leaving a hyper-driven flow, but disjointed summer track.

Take a peek at the Lil’ Mama experience below: