Lil’ Duval on Dreams, Decade and Guy Code

Comedian Lil' Duval talks about the second season of "Ain't That America," Guy Code and more.
Photo Credit: James Anthony

Funny man Lil’ Duval is having a moment.

Season two of his show Ain’t That America premieres Wednesday on MTV2 and he’s made quite the impression on the network’s other wildly successful shows, Guy Code and it’s spinoff Guy Court.

The Jacksonville-based comedian started his career doing stand-up in Atlanta about 14 years ago and “it snowballed into bigger and bigger things,” he says.

Born Roland Powell, Lil’ Duval lists fellow comedians Redd Fox, Martin and Chris Tucker among his influences.

“Those are the people that inspired me to do what I’m doing, so to speak,” he says. “Redd Fox because of how he played his character on Sanford & Son. Chris Tucker was the person who made me realize this is something I could do. And Martin for his natural comedic ability.”

The comedian insists that the new season of Ain’t That America will be “bigger and better.”

“We moved from Los Angeles to New York, so that gives us a different feel,” he shares. “This show more so caters to the people. Most shows are based off the entertainers and what other people are doing. This is what we’re doing. I’m for the people, as a comedian, like the people’s champ. I’m the entertainer who’s hanging out with the regular people more than celebrities.”

As for the rest of the year, Lil’ Duval plans to shoot his comedy special and he’s keeping busy reading scripts.

“This is my decade, not my year,” he says. “My goal is just to keep elevating. I don’t really make too many goals as far as ‘I want to win a Grammy,’ or something like that. I don’t really care that much. I care more about entertaining people. I want to be remembered when I’m gone.”

In closing, Lil’ Duval shares five Guy Code commandments for all men to live by:

1.Never mess with your homeboy’s girl.

2. If his girl calls you to check up on him, you lie, just like he lies. Never take the girl’s side.

3. We wear gloves, not mittens.

4. You can’t listen to Drake with three other guys in the car with you.

5. You can’t do the kissy face in seflies; you really can’t do selfies period.

Follow him on Twitter @lilduval and watch Ain’t That America on MTV2 Wednesdays at 11/10c.

(Photo credit: James Anthony)