Oh No! Leslie Jones Reportedly Hacked

Hmm…who’s trying to sabotage Leslie Jones and why?!

With all of her talent, wit, and positive attitude, the Saturday Night Live comedian is still a target of social media trolls.

In the latest case of online harassment, someone allegedly hacked the Ghostbusters star’s website through her phone or iCloud account. Jones’ personal data, including nude images and her identification information, were reportedly leaked.

To make matters worse, the culprit also released a video tribute to Harambe, the gorilla who was shot after a child fell into its exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo.

The shout out to Harambe hits another offensive sore spot. Following the box office success of Ghostbusters, Jones was taunted on Twitter by folks comparing her to the slain gorilla while using obscene imagery and language.

The racist commentary and harassment was so vicious it led the SNL star have a virtual breakdown, calling out Twitter for its inability to protect her (and others) from such vile attacks. She also briefly left the platform.

At the time, Jones was hurt and had enough.

Offline, the actress dealt with designers who refused to style her for the Ghostbusters premiere. She took the matter to social media and received stellar results. She looked amazing on the red carpet.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.37.51 PM

But, all of this “hate” leads us to one question: why? 

Why waste energy on tarnishing someone’s image? Why not take that time and creativity to cultivate positivity, or do something doggone useful?

Unfortunately, this happens far too often to those whom choose to share their gifts with the masses. Nevertheless, as the controversy makes headlines, Lessdogg just returned from a gig at the Rio Olympics and is dismissing the drama and having fun with Snapchat filters on her timeline.

Keep the funny coming, Les.