Even Model in “Lemonade” Was in the Dark on Theme

Marie Claire for the win today by snagging model Winnie Harlow for details on how Lemonade came together. Turns out that Beyonce didn’t even tell the models why, exactly, they were there.

Says MC: “In the latter half of Lemonade, you might also have recognized Winnie Harlow, known for her boundary-breaking appearance on cycle 21of America’s Next Top Model. Back in December, she spent two days in New Orleans shooting her part in Lemonade, though she didn’t know what it was at the time and had to wait ’til this past Saturday to see the final cut.”

Interesting. And not surprising that Bey maintains secrecy by keeping information close to the vest. Loose lips sink ships, right?

Winnie also said this: “It was 100 percent a secret. I didn’t talk to anyone like my friends; I didn’t message anyone on set just because I wanted to be focused on working. But once I got home, I told my sister, I told my mom, because they were so worried. They had no idea where I was.”

Dang. Not even mama could know?

And, here’s how Winnie got the gig.

“They actually tried to get in contact with me for two weeks prior to shooting, but we weren’t getting much information about the job when we were trying to get in contact with them, so my manager at the time just kind of looked over the emails. But then I went to L.A. for filming with Heidi Klum for Germany’s Next Top Model, and I got a call from my girlfriend like, “Hey, so my girl works for Beyoncé, she’s her personal assistant. She wants your number, but she won’t tell me what for,” so I was like, “Okay.” I gave her my number, and [Beyoncé’s assistant] gave me a call and told me that they’d been trying to reach me for a while now and wanted to know if I could fly out to New Orleans the next day, and I was like, “I mean sure, I guess, that’s cool,” still the whole time not really knowing what the project was. But who can say no to Beyoncé? So I went.