The Legacy of David and Jackie Robinson

In the 17-minute documentary, Of The Father and Of The Son, Spike Lee produces a thought-provoking portrait of David Robinson, the son of famed baseball legend Jackie Robinson.

When David first made a visit to Tanzania at the age of 15, he knew he wanted to return. He did just that and for more than 30 years, Tanzania has been his homeland. David, his wife and his children live on a 40-acre coffee farm that he owns.

As the documentary unfolds, there’s an underlining foundation to the story as well. The work explores David’s reasons for leaving America and building a life in Africa. We hear from his mother, Rachel Robinson and sister Sharon who describe David as a “free spirit,” and find out what Papa Robinson’s views would have been on his son’s decision, if he were still alive.

Of The Father and Of The Son also captures David’s return to New York to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of The Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Check out this Spike Lee Lil’ Joint below!