Michael Rapaport Slams LeBron James

Who’s not here for LeBron James? That would be Michael Rapaport.

The actor/filmmaker let it all out on ESPN’s SportsNation Tuesday night when the conversation turned to LeBron’s recent remarks in a Sports Illustrated interview. Apparently, King James said one of his biggest career motivations was “chasing [Michael] Jordan’s ghost.”

The Jordan comparison’s have been trailing LeBron’s career from the beginning, and though he’s blazed his own trail, it’s doubtful they will come to an end.

Well, according to Rapaport, all that Jordan jazz needs to stop when it comes to James.

“You ain’t Jordan, duke,” he said. “You wasn’t Jordan the first time you lost in the Finals. You wasn’t Jordan the second time you lost in the Finals. And you wasn’t Jordan when you started losing your hair.”

Hmm…seems like James definitely touched a nerve.

The digs didn’t end there, either. Rapaport also took jabs at James’ skills on the court and called his hairline a “slow, painful, romantic comedy.”

Ouch. Low blow.

Take a look.

@michaelrapaport comin’ in hot to start the show ⬆️

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James hasn’t responded, but trust, the tweets will be watching.