Listen Up: 7-Year-Old Violinist on a Mission

Like the late, great Whitney Houston so beautifully sang: We believe the children are our future.  To that end, JET introduces you to Leah Flynn…a sweet, caring young violinist who wants to use her talents to improve the world around her.

Taking a break from her evening routine of violin lessons taught by her dad, seven-year-old, Leah Flynn energetically tells JET,” I want to go on national shows and play for millions of people so lots of children can see me play, then maybe they want to play an instrument!”

She’s ambitious and determined on her musical mission.

Practicing violin since she was five, Leah has performed in front of various audiences ranging from senior centers to churches located around her family’s Florida home.  Her biggest audience thus far: during an appearance on the TV show, Good Day Orlando.

If you wonder what gives her the strength to show off her skills at a young age, her approach  to overcoming nerves is simple, “All I do is take a deep breath and just focus on my violin while I’m playing.”

Leah’s  music is more than a hobby, it’s a way of providing inspiration and a healing mechanism for the soul.

Growing up near the area where the devastating killing of Trayvon Martin took place and, most recently, watching from afar the unrest unfolding  in Ferguson, Missouri, Leah confided something in her parents, Paula and Lennox Flynn.

She told them she wanted to offer those who suffered the soothing sound of violin strings.

“Leah said, ‘Mommy, people are so sad and it’s not a good thing,” Paula Flynn recalls.

That conversation led to her father, a musician himself who started Leah on the piano, to teach her ‘Let There Be Peace On Earth,’ so she could play for local residents.  The pint-sized player hopes to perform for the Governor of Missouri and the people of Ferguson.

But while she waits for that opportunity, nothing is holding the energetic violinist back. She’s currently practicing Christmas carols to share with listening ears throughout the holiday season.

And JET wants to do our part to get her a national audience. Watch her performance of favorite song,”Let It Go” from the popular movie, “Frozen. Enjoy and be sure to keep Miss Leah on your radar!

PERFORMANCE UPDATE: Leah has been invited to perform “Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin With Me” live on FOX 2 KTVI in St. Louis! Tune-in Thursday, December 4.

9:00 am: FOX 2/KTVI ST. LOUIS television morning show
10:30-11:00 am: KMOX NEWS radio in St. Louis- (recording will be posted on their website as well)