Lawsuit Tells En Vogue to ‘Free’ The Funds

Don’t call it a comeback…well, because it kind of wasn’t.

R&B group, En Vogue ruled in the 90s’ with a quartet of power vocals and style all their own. But recent years have shown that the interchangeable divas have fallen on tough times, industry wise.

After battling in court, for the three remaining members to tour under the name EnVogue, the ladies are now in another lawsuit war with Rufftown Entertainment.

The label is suing two of the original members, Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron, for over $300 million with claims that the “Free Your Mind” singers violated an exclusive recording contract.

Rufftown Entertainment owner, René Moore expressed that he paid the two ladies and former member, Maxine Jones approximately, $190,000 in 2010, reports Billboard. The deal was initially supposed to include two albums and touring, in addition to travel costs and studio time.

And well, it’s, unfortunately, clear that the comeback tour efforts faded and failed.

Moore is seeking more than $310 million in damages.


Get more details of the lawsuit, HERE.