Lawsuit: ‘Straight’ To Court for NWA Filmmakers

The summer blockbuster, Straight Outta Compton just hit the $200 million mark in worldwide box office sales.

The music biopic, which told the story of the controversial rap group, N.W.A, held the number one top spot for three consecutive weeks in the domestic box office. The film topped the Johnny Cash based-bio Walk The Line as the highest grossing music biopic off all time.

It’s safe to say that a celebration is in order.

However, amid the good news, the filmmakers behind Straight Outta Compton are facing a $110 million lawsuit filed by ex-N.W.A. manager Gerald “Jerry” Heller.

Deadline reports that Heller is suing Universal and the Straight crew for defamation of character, copyright infringement, and contract violation.

In the drama-fueled flick, Heller’s character was depicted as money-hungry and taking advantage of the talented crew, who had skills in music, but not when it came to business.

Heller claims that since the movie’s release, his career has been negatively affected. In addition, he added that the filmmakers were never given the “OK” to portray him in such a way.

Another interesting addition is that Heller notes that much of the film content was lifted from his 2006 book, Ruthless: A Memoir.