Lawsuit: Jimi Hendrix Estate vs. Tucson Man

The estate of rock-and-roll icon, Jimi Hendrix is in a lawsuit with a Tucson man they claim stole Hendrix’s Black Widow acoustic guitar.

The guitar’s estimated value is $750,000 to $1 million, reports the Arizona Daily Star.

Harvey Motlz, owner of Rainbow Guitars in Tucson, said that he paid $80,000 for the guitar in 2014. However, in an October lawsuit claim, the company that handles the Experience Hendrix estate, argues that Motlz is not the legal owner.

The estate asked a Pima County Superior Court judge to return the guitar along with pay damages.

In an emailed statement to the Arizona Daily Star, Hendrix’s sister and CEO of Experience Hendrix, Janie Hendrix expressed:

“The guitar is priceless to our family. It is one of the few guitars that came home after Jimi passed away. We just want our guitar returned safely and back where it belongs.”

Ed McPherson is representing the Hendrix estate and disputes Motlz’s claim that he acquired the guitar legally and has “no interest in retaining stolen property.”

The various factors in this case are interesting. Get further details on the lawsuit, here.