Chief Keef for Mayor?

On Monday, Chief Keef took to Twitter to announce his plans to run for mayor of Chicago.

Say what?!

Yes, the 19-year-old tweeted, “I’m running for mayor of Chicago….. Vote for me!!!! It’ll be the best thing done yet!!!!! Yall gonna love me in the Office…..”

Currently avoiding his hometown due to outstanding warrants, the Chicagoan, born Keith Cozart, now joins a list of other rappers-turned-wanna-be politicians including Waka Flocka, Uncle Luke and 2 Chainz.

News of his governmental endeavors comes after his Stop the Violence benefit performance was cancelled for a second time. For the past two weeks, Mr. Don’t Like has been attempting to host a memorial concert – to no avail – to benefit a baby struck by a vehicle fleeing from a shooting that left one of his associates dead.

While the entertainer hasn’t launched his campaign just yet, he’s already kinda sorta shared his political views with Chi-Town citizens thanks to his telling lyrics and social media messages.

Get to know the candidate…

On Marijuana Legalization and Other Drugs
That ban on marijuana? Yeah, Fugghedabout it. Smokers would be able to embrace weed without hassle, under a Chief regime. In fact, to prove how “down” he is, you could probably pull up a chair and kick back with a little puff-puff-pass activity with the aspiring mayor.

Anti-sober, for no reason
Cause we can’t spell sober
You know us, we smoke strong bruh
Watch me roll up

– “Hate Being Sober

On Current Mayor Rahm Emanuel

On Family Laws and Public Policy

Keef currently has a warrant for not paying child support. So when it comes to matters of family law, wipe the sweat from your brows because the hopeful isn’t about giving his green away. However, he still works hard for the babies. Oxymoron much?!

Ain’t paying no h—, we some shot callers
Living life like there’s no tomorrow
Everything I do, b—-, I do it for my daughter

– “Sosa

Oh, and in case you had concerns about what would be in the “no-go” zone should Cozart assume office, he wrapped up his views quite nicely and melodically in the below video:

With Keef as mayor, the chances of losing the negatively connotative “Chiraq” aren’t too high. Unless, of course, his new message to #StopTheViolence holds true to his heart.

Does the rapper have your vote?