Laura Harrier Heats Up ‘One Life to Live’

The addition of international model and actress Laura Harrier provides some much welcome new blood to the 'One Life to Live' cast.
Laura Harrier as Destiny on 'One Life to Live'

By// Mariah Craddick

Most of the faces we’ll see on One Life to Live will be instantly recognizable when it makes its return as a web-only series on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes on April 29th. However, the addition of international model and actress Laura Harrier is sure to provide some much welcome new blood and spice to a familiar character. Harrier is taking on the role of Destiny Evans, originated by actress Shenell Edmonds, who is sure to have an interesting, edgier storyline as a new mom this season.

Harrier filled in the blanks with on the upcoming season, the future of TV and her go-to beauty secrets.

How did you get cast for One Life to Live?

I’ve been acting for a bit. I’ve studied it and it’s always been what I wanted to do. Modeling sort of just happened and I went with it for a little bit. This year I decided I was really going to focus on my acting and try to move forward with that in my life. I went to audition in February, then there was a callback where I had a chemistry read with Robert Gorrie who plays Matthew [on the show]. I did a scene with him then was asked to do some improv and it went well! I got a call a few days later and I got the job.

You’re reprising the role of Destiny and now the series will be online only for Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes. What else is going to be different with this reboot as far as story lines and characters? 

Laura Harrier as Destiny on 'One Life to Live' premiering April 29th

Laura Harrier as Destiny on ‘One Life to Live’ premiering April 29th

I think viewers will really relate to the direction that the story is going in because it’s more modern and relevant. It can be a little edgier than what it could be on ABC just because it’s a different platform. But it’s not this completely different direction. It gives everybody more creative freedom now being online. We, as actors, can have reactions that are more true to life. Instead of saying ‘Oh darn!’ We can actually curse.

How do you feel about this transition we’re seeing of so many shows developing to web-only series?

I think that’s the future. TV is going to go the same way that the music industry did. It’s bringing TV to modern day and it’s going to be interesting in the coming months to see how the industry follows.

You guys film so much per day when shooting One Life to Live and you have to find some way to still look your best. What are your beauty go-tos?

One thing I definitely rely on are gel manicures. The ones that don’t chip because I don’t have time to get my nails done regularly. For my hair, I have curly hair so it’s all about moisturizing. Sometimes I’ll sleep with a hair mask on overnight then wash it out in the morning. Eating healthy is so important and I try to work out whenever I can. I do a lot of yoga. I drink lots of water and try to stay rested as much as possible.

What do you see next for yourself now that you’ve gotten your big acting break?

I love film; I’ve always been a fan of that. I think it just depends on the project. I want to do things that are great and that I enjoy.

Tune into One Life to Live on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes for brand new 30-minute episodes. Follow Laura on Twitter at @LauraHarrier