LaTavia Roberson and A Lesson In Mainstream Media

LaTavia Feature Image

Beyonce’ has been a hot topic since 2005. A topic that even her former group mates like LaTavia Roberson can’t ignore.

Mainstream media worships Queen Bey. Mainstream media is also loved until mainstream acts like….well, mainstream media. Sometimes the goal is to tell a really enduring, life changing story and other times, the goal is simply to increase numbers.

LaTavia Roberson may have fallen victim to the latter. In her recent press run, the singer and songwriter exclusively opened up to People Magazine about her new book, I Am LaTavia, due in the spring of 2017.

While appearing to be excited about the coverage, LaTavia’s enthusiasm was quickly squandered by the outcome of her interview.


Her rebuttal left just enough room for the Internet, specifically Black Twitter, to creep in and begin to post up on both sides of the singer.

The Good:

The Bad:

The Ugly:

We all know that White mainstream media can be tricky when it comes to covering our celebs. But we agree, that’s another conversation for another time.