Lark Voorhies: ‘I Am Not Black’

Lark Voorhies is a far cry from the lovable fashionista we watched on Saved By The Bell. The hit 90s show marked the height of her career, but her off-camera shenanigans have taken center stage as of late.

During her most recent rant, the child star took to Instagram to declare that she is not African-American.

Under a photo of a much lighter-complected Voorhies, the recently divorced actress wrote, “No, I am not black. I am American! I was born in America. I was not born in Africa, therefore I am not african. Africans are not african-americans! LV.

*scratches head*

Um…has she become besties with Raven-Symoné?

Otherwise, we can’t pinpoint what may have prompted the statement. But the 41-year-old’s post wasn’t a gaffe. She decided to reiterate her argument on Twitter, stating, “I am indeed an American. I am colorless. LV.”


Take a look below.