La’Porsha Renae Inks ‘Motown’ Deal

La’ Porsha Renae’s voice rocked the world with its power and elegance, on the final season of American Idol. Her performance duet with Fantasia was electrifying and showed the heights in which her gifts could allow her to soar.

Making her way to the final two before the show came to an end for good, the mother of a baby girl, wasn’t crowned as the winner. But, something sweet did come from her talent and time on the show. Motown came through and signed the songstress to a record deal!

La’Porsha’s album will be overseen by Ethiopia Habtemariam, the president of Motown and president of urban music/co-head of creative at Universal Music Publishing Group.

Watch La’Porsha perform “Diamonds” on American Idol season 15 below.

  • g. Stokes

    She should have been the winner although I understand why Trent one he was good too and she was the best 2nd runner ever she lay down the law with him and pushed him to be better for his self good luck to LA Porsche she is great.

  • Jeanette waiters

    Yes look at GOD what he has for you is for you nothing can stop it

  • Darlene Peterson

    Thank you MO Town. .this girl so deserves this, I will buy everything she puts out!!way to go La'Porsha! !

  • Shirley Newsome

    Thanks so much she got a better deal with Motown congrat to LaPorsha look forward to hearing more of your power house voice

  • Nikki B!

    I'm still shocked that she didn't win. I'm glad Motown didn't let her slip away.

  • Evette

    She deserved to win
    But that's alright she received something better
    I'm so happy for you

  • tramainegreen

    I am so happy for her. She deserves it!

  • kd mcshan


  • SherriRussell777


  • K.Athy

    So proud and happy for her!!!

  • Freda Brown

    Yasss Honey keep the faith,because God has a plan for your young family. And I want you to know I truly believe in you. AWESOME PERFORMANCE THOUGHOUT THE SEASON. BLESSINGS WILL SHINE UPON YOUR FUTURE CAREER . BE ENCOURAGE.

  • Tyriq

    Good for her! She was such a wonderful woman and Diva singer.

  • Doris Fortune

    She might carry the title of American Idol but she's the biggest winner thanks La Porsha for sharing your God given talent with us Good Luck!!!!

  • Arlene Baker

    Beautiful! You really nailed that song! Looking forward to hearing more performances from you. God bless

  • Robin

    Happy for her! I thought she would win, but there was so much talent this year!

    • Jane

      Yes I'm Happy For Her She Has A Amazing Voic!!!! I Be hearing more about you on TV!!!!!

  • brenda

    I am not surprised Motown picked her up. I am so happy for her. Looking forward to hearing her again

  • ADD

    Being runner-up may be the best thing for her she's not obligated to the show she can do her own thing. They wouldn't know what to do with her anyway. Don't get me wrong the show has been a great tool for singers but she needs someone who can bring out her best.



  • tina

    I'm so happy for you porsha,you have a powerful voice,do that hunty,I'm a fan and I look forward to hearing your music soon,that guy couldn't hold a tune my own opinion srry.

  • Charlotte

    LaPorsha, had endured all kind of pain, but look at God, through him all things are possible. I believe she will receive all kinds of rewards for her faith, God speed darling, happy days are heading your way.

  • Sharon J

    Representing us big beautiful women I am so inspired by you…You God given Talent is spectacular….I hope one day you could wear one of my designs by Sharon Jones Detroit.. ..and set it off….Be Blessed

  • Lynska

    I'm not surprised at all. This is exactly why I wasn't the least bit upset when she didn't win. Good for you La'Porsha. I can't wait to buy your album!

  • Erica Scott

    CONGRATS!!!! Yes u deserved to win it all!!! But look you did!!!! Can't wait to hear your voice all over the world. So very proud of this humble young lady!!! God is good all the time!!

  • Zebulon

    They cheated her out of the title American Idol but God who knows what's best for us gave her the ultimate gift. She shall rise to the top of the Billboard charts.

  • Beverl Jones

    to Laporsha baby reach hight until you get that star that God got for you and to the Motown I will be waiting on the song from my baby I love my god bless you .

  • sheila b.

    have not seen talent like laporsha on idol in long time,everytime she sang it was beautiful you deserve what ever comes your way

  • Jacki Moore

    Yessssssss LA'PORSHA!!!!!! You deserve it all! I will be purchasing your first album. Voice of a goddess!

  • catorsia

    She really won but hey God always has something better sometimes! Wish her the best of luck on a job well done with grace and dignity. Can't wait on her album concert whatever comes first!!!! Way to go girl

  • Juanita

    God is good keep up the work La"Porsha

  • Kim

    She will soar very high with Motown congratulations my God continue to Bless you and Always stay prayed up.

  • Jim

    La'Porsha, you have an amazing gift – your voice is like an unending stream of deliciousness! I know you will wear your fame with modesty as you have done on Idol. Best of luck to you, dear, you deserve every bit!

  • Louise Ambrose

    I knew she would get a record deal beautiful voice

  • Cynthia Appling

    Congratulations LaPorsha

  • cbaby

    This goes to show you God had a different plan for you when one door closed another one opens God bless you may you go far in this music business climbing the charts and I'll be supporting you all the way!

  • Yvonne

    I really enjoyed you performing. I prayed that god would bless and heal all your hurt. Now you really touch me when you when to see the abuse women. God with god he will give you plrase that surpass all understanding. I love you and god bless you. Ive never been a american idol fan you had me watching it till the end

  • Victory is Mine!

    Congrats La'Porsha. You are amazing and you were already "A WINNER!"

  • Gwendolyn Maddox

    Congratulations LaPorsha, you deserve the title however God, had much bigger plans for you. Looking for great things from you!

  • Darrell Edison

    So proud of you, congratulations on your record deal. There is no way Trent could hold a candle to you. I thought the show was to find the best not the most improved, that just goes to show that your god given talent needed no coaching.

  • Darrell Edison

    So proud of you, congratulations on your record deal. There is no way Trent could hold a candle to you. I thought the show was to find the best not the most improved, that just goes to show that your god given talent needed no coaching.

  • Sheila

    La'Porsha, You were amazing!!! Yes, you deserved to win Idle…. But God has so much more Greater things for you.

  • yvonne

    You were absolutely fabulous!!!! I loved every song you sang!!! Your story was awesome, your elegance on point. CONGRATS!!!! You deserve every bit of it.

  • shawn davis

    i truly believe that the majority of a diverse audience either did not vote or did not follow the show because if so she would have won. however, congratulations and i am looking forward to hearing your album.

  • Patricia Dunn

    LaPorsha You Are A Great Person 1st… God Has Given You A Great Gift… Strive For All Of What God Has Placed Ahead Of You… Keep God 1st & Always Acknowledge Jesus Christ…. I'm So Proud For You & Your Sweet Baby… Let God Take Care Of You… Be Aware Of The Wolves In This World…(May God Keep You & Bless You, As You Continue To Seek God For His Wisdom… In Jesus Christ Name Amen….

    • Jim

      Laporsha you are a hater and God has given you the free will to choose hate or not. Make a better choice