Exclusive: La La Anthony, Hill Harper in ‘1982’

There’s love, there’s good times, there’s drama and there’s the fight to keep family together by any means. All of which play into Tommy Oliver’s directorial debut, 1982.

After making its way through the film festival circuit, the dramatic film became an official Toronto International Film Festival selection in its “Discovery” section.

Based on a true story, 1982 centers around a Black father (Hill Harper), whose wife (Sharon Neal) suffers from a crack cocaine addiction and his efforts to protect his 10-year-old daughter from having to experience life as the child of a drug addicted mother. Harper’s character also tries to help his wife through her illness.

Bringing even more significance to the story, the film is set in Philadelphia and takes place at the brink of the tragic crack epidemic.

In addition to Hill Harper and Sharon Neal, the outstanding cast includes the late Ruby Dee, Bokeem Woodbine, Wayne Brady and La La Anthony. 1982 was picked up for distribution by Codeblack Entertainment in 2015 and is set for a multi-platform release date of March 1, 2016 on DVD, On Demand and Digital.

Watch the eye-grabbing clip tease below.