L.A. Reid Leaving ‘The X Factor’

By// Mariah Craddick

L.A. Reid will not be returning as a judge on The X Factor, after two successful seasons, according to Access Hollywood. Reid says he instead wants to focus on his day job: being chairman and CEO of Epic Records.

“It was a nice break,” he said regarding his exit. “It was a nice departure from what I’ve done for the past 20 years, but now I gotta go back to work.”

He also insisted that there was no bad blood between he and the show, going on to praise boss and fellow judge Simon Cowell.

“I love Simon. We have a great relationship,” he said. “I really have a lot [of] respect for him and I always will. I support him, I support the show and I’ll always be in business with him.”

As far as who should replace him on the show, Reid picks rocker Jon Bon Jovi.

“I have a huge responsibility to a roster of artists and it’s kind of time for me to stop doing the ‘me’ show,” Reid continued. “I do everything sort of as a strategist, so really, the idea was go and learn television. I know a little bit about it, so now let’s go produce some shows.”