Kodak Black Challenges Lil Wayne to a Fight

kodak black

Looks like Soulja Boy and Chris Brown started a trend: celebrity fight club!

After the Atlanta rapper accused Brown of calling him up over liking a picture of the singer’s ex, Brown challenged Soulja Boy to a boxing match. Though it sounded completely foolish (and childish, to be honest), the rapper has been training to meet Breezy in the ring. Now, the pair seem to have inspired another artist to put up his dukes.

Recently, rapper Kodak Black took to social media to challenge Lil Wayne to a fight to determine who’s the best rapper.

While it’s unclear what someone’s scrapping skills have to do with their lyrical prowess, Kodak Black seems to think beating Wayne in the ring would mean he’s the best.

The folks on Twitter seem just as confused as we are about Kodak’s call out.

Instead of trying to body Lil Wayne, Kodak Black might want to focus on his legal troubles. The rapper is accused of sexually attacking a woman in a hotel room back in February 2016, and if convicted, he could face up to 30 years in prison.