Kirk Franklin Shuts Down Troll…In Jesus’ Name

Over the weekend thousands of people across the country flooded into airports and city streets to protest Donald Trump’s divisive executive order, which barred immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

Predictably, the conversation and criticism of Trump’s policy spilled over to social media where celebrities and regular folks alike discussed what it meant.

Outspoken gospel star Kirk Franklin choose to use his platform to be inclusive and speak out against Trump’s executive oder.

Though many appreciated his sentiment, some folks took Franklin’s tweet as a moment to troll the singer.

But the “Stomp” singer was ready with his own snappy comeback…in Jesus’ name.

Welp! Fellow gospel artist Lecrae had a message for those looking to try Franklin, or other artists who came out in support of Muslim immigrants.

After his tweet went viral, Franklin had a few more words for those fighting about religion, tolerance, and diversity in his Twitter mentions.

Time and time again Franklin has made it clear he would stand with those who are oppressed and marginalized while calling out his fellow Christians for being hypocritical. But for those who continue to test the singer, here’s a word of advice: try Jesus…not Kirk Franklin.