Kiersey Clemons Lands Lead Role In ‘The Flash’


We already dubbed actress Kiersey Clemons as one of the best breakout stars of 2015 and it looks like she’s on track to continue her rise for the rest of 2016.

Known for her role in the movie DOPE, she has now been nabbed to star in ‘The Flash’ movie.

According to Variety, Clemons is set to play Iris West, the tough-as-nails journalist and friend of Barry Allen, the Flash’s alter ego. We’re excited to see how the young star comes into her own in this highly anticipated film.

On the heels of Black Panther mania, the rising starlet is set to add another dope representation to film. It’s something she’s passionate about, as expressed during an interview with Refinery 29, where she discussed her guest appearance on the show New Girl:

“I love to be able to do projects where I can be an advocate for something without having to verbally say it, so New Girl was perfect….And clearly I’m proud to be a Black American woman…Because honestly, as a biracial girl, sometimes people try to come after you, especially when you’re an actor, and say, ‘She doesn’t do enough Black roles’— whatever that means. There are always people who try to attack that part of you. When I got into the business, I was like, ‘Sh-t, I really need a good role that shows people that I love who I am.’”

This DC comics film will reunite her with her DOPE Director, director Rick Famuyiwa and is set for release in 2018.