Keyshia Cole Blasts Estranged Husband

How many chances would you give someone who continues to break your heart and get caught?

It’s a cold world out there and singer/reality TV star, Keyshia Cole has had her share, adding her estranged hubby to the list.

Just when things looked like they were heading in a positive direction for her and estranged husband, former NBA player, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, the apple turned sour, once again. The couple, who have a son together, have been on unstable grounds for quite some time as a result of Boobie’s infidelities among other marital issues.

But, cozy and in sync looked to be the case during Keyshia’s viewing party for new reality series, “Keyshia Cole: All In” where the pair showed up arm-in-arm like a spark had been slowly rekindled.

Welp, it came to a quick burn when Boobie, who is now pursuing a music career, invited Keysh to his video shoot and she came across a few thirst texts he sent to another female also in attendance.

Straight Keyshia style, she posted the screen shots to her Instagram.

Do you think this is the last straw for Keyshia and Daniel? Sound off in the comments!