“Let Me Explain” Crushes the Box Office


Welp, looks like Kevin Hart is laughing all the way to the bank.
While everyone was bemoaning the failure of the hot spaghetti Western mess (aka “Lone Ranger”) Kevin Hart shocked the box office analysts by bringing in a cool $17.5 million for his concert film, “Let Me Explain.”  Hart’s flick, which cost a mere $2 million to make according to the LA Times, just might catapult the “Think Like a Man” star into leading roles. To date, he has mostly added his comic relief as a supporting or ensemble player, and, despite having a buzz-worthy BET hit in “Real Househusbands of Hollywood,” has even been willing to take on minor roles on TV shows including “Modern Family.”  What do you think? Will Hollywood give Hart a chance at the limelight now that he has effectively kicked Johnny Depp’s butt at the box office? Do you want to see Hart as the star?