Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell “Get Hard” Controversy


When Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell team up, audiences expect twisted humor and a great laugh, but, is their new film, Get Hard, pushing limits to uncomfortable measures?

According to reports from Variety, fans who caught the screening of the flick at SXSW say “Get Hard” is heavy on racism, laced with both laughable and cringe-worthy moments.

During the post-screening Q&A session, director Cohen fought tough critiques with one viewer expressing his thoughts, candidly:

“The film seemed racist as f—!”

And another viewer questioned the comical stance of the film: Is it funny or perpetuating stereotypes?

To which, Cohen combated:

“When you do satire, that’s a big problem. That’s a dangerous thing. It’s a very small window- that’s what we’re trying to find.”

The film, who’s tag line reads “An education for incarceration” already sets a certain tone. You know that you’re in for a movie heavily influenced by racial stereotypes and adverse lifestyles. The “clever stick” director Ethan Cohen threw in was Kevin being the straight-laced Black dude and Ferrell being the White culprit headed to life behind bars.

Check out one of Get Hard’s various trailers below: Content is NSFW:

Get Hard hits theaters on March 27th. Will you be heading to the theater?