Kevin Hart Gets A Rude Awakening in ‘RHOH’ Finale!

Season five of the Real Husbands of Hollywood is approaching its finale and the fellas are going out with a serious bang.

Over two back-to-back finale episodes, The film Academy opens its doors to Black Hollywood and invites Kevin and the hubby squad to the awards making #OscarsSoBlack. The fellas are nominated for the “ill-conceived” comedy, Five Foot a Slave. However, they’re faced with a dilemma. Should they support a backlash protest and boycott the awards show …or nah?

In addition to the Oscars controversy, Kevin finds himself as the focal point of his real life ex-wife’s frustration. Yep, Torrei Hart makes a guest appearance on the finale of “fakest reality show” and Kevin gets an earful. The scene also adds a subtle flashback to the days before Kev’s fame and he worked in a sneaker store.

Check out the clip tease below:

Real Husbands of Hollywood Episodes 509+510 – Back-to-Back Finale “Hollywood Too Black – Part 1 & 2” – Premieres Tuesday, December 13th at 9PM ET/PT on BET