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Why Kenya Moore is an Effective Bully

Bullying has many different faces.

We often think of ‘bullying’ as the physical act of hitting, or taking something away from another person, but the behavior at its core is actually one of manipulation. Most bullies have one goal: “How do I get someone for feel or act in the way I want?”

That said, I nominate Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore for the “Bully of the Decade Award.”

Moore  is one of the most masterful bullies I’ve seen in action. And while her behavior is great for Bravo’s television ratings with adults, it’s a horrible social message to send out to humanity.

RHOA viewers are familiar with the debacle that transpired on the reunion show —  cast member Porsha Williams dragged Moore by her hair across the stage after being taunted by her in aggressive manner that lacked contact  physicality. Moore used a scepter while talking to Williams; blew a bullhorn in her face and talked about Williams cheating on her recently ex-husband.

Williams snapped and pulled her hair, while Moore —who never fought back — calmly stated that Williams should be fired.

Now I’ve meet Kenya Moore (Porsha, too), and while she is a beauty, she is also a big-handed, broad-backed, muscular woman. She and Williams may be the same height, but there is no way anyone should even entertain that Kenya Moore would be mopped by an enraged Porsha Williams.

Moore masterfully bullied Williams, and sadly she took the bait… and we all understand why.

While I am not condoning violence, non-physical acts of aggression can be worse that punch or slap.  Moore’s goal was to unravel Williams by being emotionally demeaning around sensitive subjects — i.e. the divorce — to get the upper hand. Williams was an easy target for Moore, a wiz at using verbal assaults as a way to unhinge people involved in situations she cannot control.

We’ve seen her do it before.

Last season Moore played up to cast member Phaedra Parks, who was obviously impressed by the former Miss USA’s beauty queen status. But Parks adoration was killed when Moore mistook her for a country bumpkin and tried to take her coin. When Parks refused to subdue to Moore’s financial bullying, Moore switched tactics and tried to bait her emotionally, insulting her looks and attacking the fidelity of her marriage.  She even publicly stated on the 2013 reunion show that she was inappropriately texting with Parks’ husband.

Unfortunately, Moore’s downfall was in overestimating how Black women feel about her beauty and underestimating their hatred of willing side chicks and whores. The “I can take your man” approach doesn’t sit well with an audience of working women struggling to maintain sanity and marriage. Moore then tried to recreate the story to make it seem as if Parks and her husband started spreading a rumor — despite her bring up the issue as fact! She is such a pro that she sticks to her story despite the blatant truth.

While some may think Moore’s manipulation of cast members makes for good television I don’t. Being a bad character is one thing. But being a “bad reality star” sets a completely different standard of how women should move amongst each other.

Moore isn’t simply petty or dramatic. She comes across as sinister. That makes for a great bully, but  is also likely the reason why she claims her dog was her best friend. She needs to do and be better.