Kenya Moore Dishes on the New Season of RHOA

The new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta may be Kenya Moore’s best one yet.

Full of new friendships and business ventures, it certainly seems as though Moore has a positive outlook on life.

In a recent interview with JET, the former beauty queen shares what fans can expect on season seven, details another television show she’s working on, plus hints at new music coming soon.

JET: Without giving too much away, what can fans expect from you on the new season of RHOA?

Kenya Moore: They can expect the same of me just being myself and interacting with this group of ladies. The pleasant thing about this season is I have new friends and alliances shown on the show. And you’ll see me being happy and fun. I’m excited to be in a position where I have support from other women who are very positive and supportive of one another.

I’m also working on some new projects. The first is a TV pilot I’m producing called Life Twirls On. I’m also launching my own hair care line that’s designed to strengthen your hair and make it longer. So I’m really busy this season.

JET: That’s awesome! Tell us a little more about your TV show.

KM: It’s scripted. I ‘m a producer, I’m an actor, I’m a writer.  Last season of RHOA, I got a little off my normal course and they didn’t show anything I do in my day-to-day life. So I wanted to focus on getting back to who I am and what I do best. The TV show is a half-hour comedy loosely based on my life. It’s funny, it shows me in a situation where I have two sisters. We move in together to try and resolve our differences–we’re all at different crossroads in our lives. It’s very exciting. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback.

JET: We’ll definitely be on the lookout for that. You mentioned having new friends on the show, does that include new cast mates Claudia Jordan and Demetria McKinney?

KM: Claudia and I have been friends well over 10 years. We know each other from LA. She’s always been sweet to me and very supportive. We have similar backgrounds–we both came from the pageant world, which kickstarted our careers. She’s a fun girl. I think she’s very straightforward I think she’s very loyal. She’s been very honest in who she is and I respect and appreciate her for that

Demetria is someone I only recently met, I really like her. We all hang out on and off screen, which is a testament to how much we really like each other. These are real friendships developing here.

Of course, Cynthia and I have gotten closer. I went through a tough time and she’s been very supportive and understanding of me. We’ve grown closer as friends, she’s someone I really respect and admire.

JET: Will this season also show your journey to becoming a mother?

KM: I do deal with it somewhat, but the focus is more on my professional life. There definitely will be some aspect of that.

JET: Have you welcomed a new puppy in your home yet?

KM: I haven’t gotten a new dog. Maybe for my birthday, I’m trying to find the right dog for me. I never had a dog before Velvet, she was literally the perfect dog in how smart she was and how sweet she was. She was a great guard dog and a a great travel companion. Because she was so little, I just worry about safety issues now. In light of what happened, I may look at a bigger dog. I still haven’t watched that episode, I haven’t watched the last four episodes–I’m still not over that situation.

JET: Does that mean you still haven’t watched the reunion show? If you did, what was your reaction?

KM: I haven’t watched it, I’ve seen bits and pieces of clips. I can’t speak to my reaction to the reunion show. For me, that was six months ago. This is where I am now. I live my life forward.

JET: I understand you have some new music in the works, can you tell us a bit more about that?

KM: The song is already written. I haven’t laid down the vocals, but I want to do something soon. It has a similar feel to “Gone with the Wind Fabulous.” It’s one of those songs that basically says, “don’t come for me unless I send for you.” I’m not a singer, it’s definitely a dance song.

JET: What is your dream music collaboration?

KM: I listen to every kind of music. I love Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj–I’m all over the place. I’m just obsessed with them at the moment. In terms of men, it’s sort of the same thing. I have eclectic taste in music. My fans tease me all the time and call me Keyonce so I would love to have been in [Beyonce’s] “Pretty Hurts” because that video has a pageant backdrop. It would have been a really nice nod to be included in that as the second Black Miss USA. It’s still a dream, I can still hold out.

JET: You deal with a lot of negativity on social media, what is your response to the haters?

KM: Honestly, I truly believe that haters are just misguided fans. Someone who goes out of their way to stalk you or write nasty things about you is really just a fan looking for attention. Unfortunately, it’s negative attention. But they try to get attention any way they can. If you take a moment acknowledge them, they say “I love you so much.” I’ve witnessed it firsthand. But you take it with a grain of salt.

RHOA premieres Sunday, November 9 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.