And Another One: White Men Can’t Jump 2.0?

A street court hustler and a gambling junky and his sassy girlfriend with big dreams to appear on Jeopardy! became another cultural classic in the 1992 film, White Men Can’t Jump.

The premise of the film centered on Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson as two street ball hustlers who first scam each other before linking up and making it their collaborative routine, in order to rack up a bigger money score.

The title, however, came into the picture after Snipes’ character dissed Harrelson’s, claiming that White boys can’t dunk. Of course, this leads to a challenge and much amusing debate.

What attracted viewers to the film was the candid trash talk, the grunge and a sport that everybody loves – or heck, even tested their jump shot from time to time.

Now, that we’re in the age of the remake, White Men Can’t Jump can be added to the list as the Interwebs have it that black-ish creator, Kenya Barris has his creative eye on recreating the project.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Barris, who will serve as writer and producer, partnered with Los Angeles Clippers’ Black Griffin and NFL’s Carolina Panthers’ Ryan Kalil, for the 20th Century Fox production.

Together, Kalil and Griffin launched the relatively new Mortal Media, which has an NBC comedy in development as well as the remake of The Rocketeer with eyes on a Black and female lead.

The original White Men Can’t Jump was written and directed by Ron Shelton and starred Snipes, Harrelson and Rosie Perez.

*Photo: Twitter