Kendrick Lamar’s New Shoe Opens Dialogue

Over the weekend, Kendrick Lamar’s new Reebok sneakers hit stores. The shoes, which include inscriptions of Blood and Crip references in order to promote unity, has helped create dialogue among gang members.

The rapper didn’t merely release the kicks without gauging its impact. He wanted to hear exactly what people in his neighborhood thought of the design.

Who better to ask than the people he targeted?

A couple of gang members, G Weed (Piru) and Jigga (Crip), sat down to talk about the Compton native’s message and how it’s affecting their communities.

“The new Kendrick Lamar shoes is uniting red and blue where we all can exist and respect each other and love one another,” G Weed said.

“This message is about a whole lot of peace,” Jigga added. “Kendrick is just really giving us a reason and giving us an understanding of why we should have unity.”

Watch the entire clip below.